Logo kwsoft - Partner of dydoconkwsoft develops and distributes the M/ product series for the efficient creation and processing of individualized business documents (output management including word processing). The current product generation 6 has been completely redeveloped and is based on state-of-the-art technology such as Java EE with standard middleware for scaling and reliability. The M/ series offers the complete company-wide solution that organizes and controls the entire document process from data procurement to central output management – whether online, batch or in dark processing.

We offer support in M/TEXT and M/OMS.


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Our ISIS Papyrus Services:

ISIS Papyrus was founded in 1988 and is now successful worldwide with its innovative software solution for business communication and process management. More than 2000 large companies and service providers in the finance, insurance, telecom and energy sectors rely on Papyrus. The Papyrus platform is far more than just a collection of software components. The architecture is based on a well thought-out overall concept that enables solutions for individual tasks, such as CRM, ECM or BPM, as well as long-term concepts for the integration of new technologies involving various hardware platforms.

Our offer:

Whether project work or support in day-to-day business – we program and configure for you:

  • Papyrus Designer / DocExec
  • Papyrus Post Processing
  • AFP Designer
  • Papyrus Server / WebControl / Host
  • Papyrus Objects

As an ISIS service partner, we have many years of experience in ISIS Papyrus consulting.


Quadient® combines the capabilities of three Neopost sister companies, GMC Software, Human Inference and Satori Software into one technology portfolio of solutions designed to improve customer experience by improving the customer journey across print, digital and social channels. Our solutions bring together and activate the entire organization in the name of customer experience, through better collaboration and visibility into the customer journey.

Quadient supports thousands of clients and partners worldwide in the financial services, insurance and service provider industries in their quest to achieve customer experience excellence via mobile, digital, social media and print technologies.

dydocon offers support in all Inspire products.

A new member of the quadient family is the former Icon System House . Its core product is the standard software DOPiX, a process-driven correspondence system with rule-based text modules for the automatic and interactive generation of high personalised business documents (correspondence, policies, contracts, …). Automatically and interactively generated, personalised correspondence plays an enormous role in an effective customer service strategy. DOPiX reduces the expenses of designing, programming, and mailing, shortens the time-to-market cycles, increases the correspondence quality and the efficiency of processing.


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Compart was founded in Stuttgart in 1992 as Compart Systemhaus GmbH – at that time with the goal of creating a software project and service company. Since 2000 the company has focused on document output and management, a field in which it has made a name for itself: with the processing and management of documents, created in high volumes with compositioning software from other parties, and ready for output to other media including printers, archives, e-mail, fax or for web services.

A family of products and solutions has been developed under the trademark DocBridge, for the optimal processing of document datastreams in a number of different directions: From the display of various types of document (DocBridge View), through the comparison of documents in different formats (DocBridge Delta), the conversion, processing and modification of documents in synchronous batch mode (DocBridge Mill) to large database-supported, asynchronous dispatch-spooled solutions (DocBridge Pilot), with which custom mailings for all types of output channel can be created. All products support the complete spectrum of common datastream formats on both the input and output sides.


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Through StreamServe’s ability to simplify and accelerate communication in an almost limitless number of ways, StreamServe provides focused value to more than 4,900 organizations around the globe and across a variety of industries.

Companies increasingly rely on StreamServe for new, efficient ways to streamline and enhance document-driven business communication with customers, business partners, and employees. StreamServe solutions can improve virtually every aspect of business communication by addressing both unique, specialized business needs as well as the challenges that are common across many organizations.