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dreyfus - Customer reference of dydocon

Papyrus Designer/Doc Exec and Postprocessing

“The document implementation by the Junior Consultant as well as the more complex activities of the two Senior Consultants were of the highest quality and fully met our expectations.”

The Client

The Dreyfus Sons & Cie. Basel, is a Swiss asset management bank. Its core activities include asset management and private banking.

Our Job

Our tasks:

  • Creation of new documents
  • Analysis and performance improvement of the main format routines
  • Analysis of the data structures and introduction of a new data reading routine
  • Conversion of output from AFP to PDF
  • Coaching the internal staff

Additionally implemented features:

  • Improved maintainability of the global routines
  • Increase reusability
  • Analysis & Consulting on the topic of color printing
  • Knowledge transfer to internal staff

What the client says

“Three dydocon consultants have been working with us at different times, all of which have quickly become part of our corporate culture and demonstrated a high degree of professional and social competence and in line with our expectations. We are happy to continue to rely on dydocon consultant to support us and know-how transfer. ”