dydocon sponsors the club dydocon Karate

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Determination, dynamics, focus – these traditional values of martial arts Karate can also be found in our corporate philosophy.

dydocon actively supports and encourages the development of karate in Austria.

Since 2014, dydocon is sponsor of the club dydocon Karate. Besides equipping athletes with workout clothes, dydocon helps the club also with renting the dojo.


dydocon sponsors the football club 1.SC. Pfaffstätten U8

Baseball – Since 1989 Traiskirchen Grasshoppers playing baseball at a high level, currently in the Austrian Bundesliga Baseball.

Baseball is a dynamic sport that also requires tactical thinking and quick anticipation as quick strength and endurance. Above all, however, is the team, only together we can win. In Traiskirchen this team spirit is kept very high, on the team of the Bundesliga addition! The Regional team that youth and children’s teams and numerous activities in the surrounding schools are supervised by volunteer members. However, the further development and maintenance of the finest baseball fields in Austria and the need to play and train utensils must be financed through membership fees and sponsors.

dydocon is happy to support this club since 2012 als main sponsor and to sponsor the necessary financial support since 2012, and wish you much success in this year’s Saison. Play ball!



dydocon unterstützt den Fußballverein 1.SC. Pfaffstätten Nachwuchs

Football – we support the ones in the football club of our headquarters.

The 1.SC Pfaffstätten is the local football team at the headquarters of dydocon IT-Beratung GmbH. Youth teams there are in all age groups among 8-year-old children (U8). The youngest player in this class have not yet reached the age of 5 years. Team spirit, athletic exercise and cohesion in victory as in defeat be promoted early.

dydocon is particularly proud to support the next generation with a set of football dresses! We believe that the aforementioned virtues in our company and team play an important role!